Healthy Leadership

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6 days in 4 months
berufsbegleitendes Studium
Akademische Weiterbildungsangebote ohne formalen Abschluss
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Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus

Strengthen leadership and mental health

Within the past several years, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of controlling the many mental health issues we face in the workplace today. Especially during the corona pandemic, the mental health of many employees was additionally burdened by a lack of childcare, inadequate home office equipment and a lack of digital skills.

And even today, in the post-Corona era with multiple crises, complex hybrid models of collaboration and high pressure to change are part of everyday work. It is therefore the responsibility of employers and especially managers to pay special attention to the issue of mental health in the workplace.

The part-time program in "Healthy Leadership" was developed to enable employees and managers to promote mental health and to learn how to proactively deal with mental problems in the work context.

Participants will thus begin to break the taboo and stigma surrounding mental health, and thereby prevent avoidable illnesses and absences in the workplace.


Why this program?

Relevant for every management and every company

The program empowers in particular management, executives, and human resources managers to act as role models and activate important resources through proactive leadership in order to reduce the possible consequences of mental stress in the workplace.

These include, for example, lack of commitment and difficult communication up to and including absences due to illness, high fluctuation, lower productivity, declining profits as well as high follow-up costs.

The proactive and preventive approach to promoting mental health in the workplace thus helps companies not only to save costs, but also to create an attractive working environment for employees, to retain employees and to position themselves as an attractive employer in the context of employer branding.

Combination of evidence-based research and practical input

Participants benefit from an interdisciplinary team of leadership researchers, psychotherapists and medical professionals who provide a holistic overview of the topic with evidence-based and field-tested support. Participants learn, for example, how to establish healthy work structures in one's own organization or team, reduce prejudice and discrimination against people with mental illness, and prevent avoidable absences.

Immediate application of knowledge

In realistic role plays with actors and group work, participants train their (self-)leadership skills and reflect on their (leadership) behavior with the help of their personal video feedback and an action plan on healthy leadership based on their individual leadership profile.

Participants can flexibly deepen their knowledge according to their needs through accompanying online learning elements as well as through the included use of the Nilo Health App and Nilo Health Coaching.

Valuable professional network

Expand your network and reflect on your experiences around the topic of leadership and mental health with colleagues from different industries as well as professionals from the academia, practitioners and (former) sufferers.

Support for Bavarian SMEs:

As the impact of mentally stressed individuals on colleagues, the team and the organization is particularly noticeable in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and less easy to compensate, we are particularly pleased to be able to support eg executives and HR managers of Bavarian SMEs with the help of the European Social Fund in 2023 with up to 50 full scholarships.

The aim is to promote health in the workplace in SMEs and thus increase the future viability of the companies. The scholarships include the participation fee for the certificate course “Healthy Leadership” in the amount of 4,900 euros (SME definition of the European Commission: sme-definition-of-the-eu-commission).

To register for the full scholarship program, use the registration form.


Introduction to Mental Health

  • Common illnesses (anxiety, depression, addictions)
  • Difference between burnout and depression
  • Prevention of stress-related illnesses
  • Course and treatment of mental illnesses
  • Common ways of dealing with mental stress and illnesses
  • Perception of mentally stressed employees

Employee reviews with a mental health focus

  • Leadership and Mental Health: The Role of Leadership Behaviour
  • Health promoting leadership
  • Practicing conversation skills in role plays with professional actors
  • Video feedback and reflection
  • Recognizing early warning signs and addressing them


  • Leadership basics
  • Healthy self-leadership and self-care
  • Distinction between work and private life

Risk assessment

  • Legal obligations
  • Implementation and parties involved

Managing directors, executives, project managers, HR managers or founders, as well as anyone who wants to deal with the topic of mental health in a practical way.

Details der Zugangsvoraussetzung: 

Participants ideally work as managers or take responsibility for mental health issues in their expert role (eg HR).