MBA (Master of Business Administration) International Business

with Focus on Asia, Western Europe or Central and Eastern Europe
Herr Prof. Dr. Bruno Diez
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3 Semester
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Masterstudium, weiterbildend
je Sem.5.500 € (gesamt 16.500 €)
jeweils 01.10.
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The University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt with its MBA program is the only university that offers an international approach towards the most growing regions in the world — Asia, Russia and Western Europe. By developing local business relationships in cooperation with local key companies students will learn how to work and manage in a cross-cultural environment. With focus on the Taiwan, Kaohsiung area with its partner University Shih Chien University students get an deep inside view into the one of the biggest Asian industrial harbours. In Russia the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt has a partnership with the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics in Moscow. Being on of the largest most prestigious University in Russia, students get an deep inside into the Russian culture, understand about Russian entrepreneurial and management processes and get to know local business relationships. The MBA in International Business programme is a mixture of knowledge, personal development and networking. On the one hand, it is designed to give each participant a comprehensive understanding of current issues in international and intercultural management. On the other hand, it dedicates considerable attention to developing personal skills. It also provides the basis for building and consolidating a network of interpersonal relations, where colleagues, alumni, faculty and companies all provide the stimuli needed to continue the process of growth and sharing. One of the most distinctive features of the MBA in “International Business” is “personal skills development”. From our perspective it is not possible to achieve important career objectives by focusing only on knowledge, without considering the impact of one’s own communication on others. After their graduation, MBA students are able to work as executives in international operating companies.


The course program combines the respective contents of each focus with given standards as well as new curricular structures: Special MBA Regarding its focus, the program is characterized as a “Special MBA”-program. The general management education is combined with an additional deepening on expert building for the Asian or Central and Eastern European region. Postgraduate Study Furthermore, the MBA program “International Business with Focus on Asia or Central and Eastern Europe” is a clean postgraduate study—participants all have completed a first university degree and work experience for several years. Regular study duration is three semesters. Part Time Study with National and International Compact Phase Study is performed via a part time program, with class hours Friday and Saturday. A five day compact phase in the beginning with organizational input and intercultural team training as well as a four week blocked time abroad in the 2nd semester follow. To be obliging to students working conditions, therefore the class hours are almost performed on Friday evening and on Saturday.

Module 1 Language Competence  
Course 1 Language Competence German Ms. Marion Winter
  Language Competence Mandarin Ms. Estella Wen
Module 2 Managing International Business  
Course 1 International Management Mr. Thomas Rappelt
Course 2 International Economics Mr. Johannes De Meuter
Module 3 Strategic Competences  
Course 1 Strategic Management Mr. Prof. Uwe Sponholz
Course 2 Operations Strategy Mr. Dr. Klaus Kaplaner
Module 4 Intercultural Management   
Course 1 Organisational Behaviour Ms. Stefanie Seitz
Course 2 Cross Cultural Management Mr. Jerome Dumetz
Course 3 Human Resources Management Mr. Prof. Arnd Gottschalk
Module 5 Doing Business Western Europe  
Course 1 Culture, History, Economy Mr. Dr. Gerhard Müller
Course 2 Negotiation Skills / Business Strategies Mr. Rainer Nowak
Course 3 Case Studies (Visiting Companies) Mr. Prof. Bruno Diez
Module 6 Managing International Markets  
Course 1 International Marketing Mr. Dr. Detlef Vogt
Course 2 Market Research Mr. Prof. Karsten Kilian
Module 7 International Trade Competences  
Course 1 International Law Mr. Alexander Stahl
Course 2 International Logistics Mr. Prof. Christian Kille/
Mr. Prof. Ulrich Müller-Steinfahrt
Module 8 International Finance and Accounting  
Course 1 International Accounting Mr. Harald Glaser
Course 2 International Finance Mr. Thilo Zimmermann
Module 9 Knowledge Transfer and Application  
Course 1 Business Game Mr. Prof. Notger Carl
Course 2 International Project Management Mr. Dr. Peter Berends
Course 3 Preparing Scientific Papers Mr. Prof. Karsten Kilian


Benötigte Vorkenntnisse: 

Our admissions process aims to bring together a diverse group of participants with a variety of abilities, experiences and academic backgrounds.
To enter our MBA course it is required:
• to be internationally minded in the approach to business and management
• to have completed a degree at a German university or comparable education at a foreign university in and economic, engineering, technical or a related course of study
• to have at least one year of work experience after graduating approximately in the respective field of study
• to write a statement of purpose (letter of motivation)
• to send a “Curriculum Vitae”
•As the main course language is English, candidates must have a very good knowledge of the English language.
The following Tests will be accepted and one of them have to be passed:
TOEFL: score 550 ITP
IELTS: score 5,5 - 6


It is the aim to educate young professionals to high skilled managers with special professional qualifications for working in an internationally operating company or organization. Students who want to perform the MBA program must be highly motivated and must be able to work under the pressure of both, studies and profession.

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Master of Business Administration
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60 ECTS inkl. Masterarbeit
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