Strategizing in Turbulent Environments

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Hutzschenreuter

Gain a deep understanding of what it really means to decide and act in a VUCA world!

Leaders, managers, and decision makers find themselves in a world that is characterized by VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. How can they still make great decisions, steer the right actions and reach successful results? Our Certificate Program “Strategizing in turbulent environments” delivers a deep understanding of what it really means to decide and act in a VUCA world.

We discuss how firms get to decisions with which they compete and disrupt industry structures and entire industry definitions. In addition, we also investigate how firms struggling from competition can get to decisions on how to defend and respond to competitors from inside and outside their industry.


Why this program?

Exactly the right time:
Digital disruption, climate change, pandemics, political instability, to name just a few challenges, are changing the competitive landscape in unforeseen ways. Leaders confronted with a VUCA world are under ever more pressure to find the right responses to cope with these challenges. Our program helps practitioners to find orientation in turbulent times.

Project work with personalized coaching possible:
After the end of the formal program, participants get the chance to take part in a coaching session with Prof. Dr. Hutzschenreuter, to work on a current personal or organizational challenge. (Non-Disclosure Agreements can be signed if needed.) The self-paced work will take about 2-4 days.

Strong expertise:
Academic Director Prof. Dr. Thomas Hutzschenreuter is not only an expert in (international) strategic management but also in Executive Education. His interactive teaching style earned him TUM's Executive Education Award for Teaching Excellence in 2018. His research has been internationally awarded and he is also a highly demanded partner for both the media and profit oriented organizations.

5 ECTS credits possible:
The certificate program is eligible as an elective for our Executive MBA students if you do both the module and the project work with coaching session.


Benötigte Vorkenntnisse: 

Participants should have at least 8 years of professional experience and at least 2 years of leadership experience (from team lead to executive positions), entrepreneurial thinking as well as the courage and conviction to take decisions.



The program addresses professionals who take decisions in companies and organizations that are surrounded by turbulent environments.

Are you a founder or a CFO team member? Do you lead transformation processes? Do you work in business development or lead a strategic business unit? Do you lead a mid-size incumbent, or a traditional company in virulent environments? Then this program is the right one for you.